All the manual work in field inspection process can now be done with the help of JustEZ. It integrates with many other programs such as Dropbox, Wi-Fi Cameras and Claim management systems; making it easy for you to access all apps within a single app only.


The integration is already built into JustEZ. All you need to do is to sign up for a Dropbox account first. Once it is connected, you can easily create inspections, sync all media to cloud and access it from everywhere.

Why connect JustEZ with Dropbox ?

  1. One central place to manage inspections received from carriers.
  2. Create inspections to get it reflected in app and easily work on it.
  3. Sync all captured media on cloud to access it from anywhere.
  4. Maintain data of all inspections along with their recorded details in the most organized way.
  5. The most secure way of storing the data.

Learn more on how to connect Dropbox


JustEZ supports claim management system such as ClaimColony. Now, directly sync up on claim statues and notes from claim management system.

The integration is already built into JustEZ. If you are a ClaimColony user, you need to enter your account credentials to get it connected. Once connected, you can easily work on inspections assigned to you under your account.

Learn more on how to connect ClaimColony


JustEZ supports Wi-Fi Cameras such as Olympus, Nikon. And even if your camera does not have an in-built Wi-Fi, you can use any SD card that has Wi-Fi capabilities such as Flashair SD card and all the media will get synced to inspections automatically.

Why should you connect with Wifi Cameras?

  1. No need to pull SD card out of camera for importing photos.
  2. Transfer photos from camera within a few minutes.
  3. Create a private connection and sync all photos to its corresponding inspection.

JustEZ integrates with almost all email client services. Now ease off your task of creating inspections by forwarding emails only.

Forward emails to create inspection

  1. Easily manage inspections received from different carriers at one central place.
  2. Simply forward emails from any email client services such as Outlook, Gmail etc. to create inspections.