Do. More. Inspections.

JustEZ is the last mile app for claims adjusters. We crafted JustEZ app to serve one purpose - help adjusters do more inspections. JustEZ app helps you to sync inspections from various carriers, schedule appointments, sync photos to cloud and write scoping reports.

How JustEZ helps you do more…

  • Sync Claims

    Sync Claims

    Sync claims and appointments to your devices in one tap.

  • Schedule Appointments

    Schedule Appointments

    Schedule appointments with your customers while not conflicting with your personal agenda.

  • Navigation


    JustEZ integrates with Waze and Google Maps. Simply drive to the loss site while app takes care of directions.

  • Build Scoping Reports

    Build Scoping Reports

    JustEZ is great tool for building final scoping reports.

  • Caption Photos

    Caption Photos

    Use our AI-based photo captioning technology. It takes 3 minutes to caption 80+ photos from the device .

  • Take Photos & Videos

    Take Photos & Videos

    Now you take photos, videos from your very own camera and import them to app without any hassle.



JustEZ integrates with many other apps such as Dropbox, Wi-Fi Cameras and Claim management systems; making it easy for you to access all apps within a single app only.

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How it Works

At JustEZ, our goal is to keep field inspection process simple and fun. Also, we are determined to make the experience more effective for all the parties involved in it.

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