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Where to Buy All Your Inspection Gear

Inspection is a gear-laden business. Imagine yourself as an adjuster who goes for an inspection but doesn’t have the right gear to perform every part of the inspection work as seamlessly and accurately as you should have! Why should a lack of certain gears and tools make you under-perform as an adjuster?

We have compiled a list of essential gear that every claims adjuster should have with them and where to buy it from:

Telescoping Ladder:

For roof inspections and reaching un-scalable places, a telescoping ladder is an adjuster’s best bet. Get one for yourself right from here.

Ladder Locks:

Ladder locks are an important part of an adjuster’s gearbox as they help minimize accidents. Get this pair of ladder locks to accompany your telescoping ladder and inspect without any worries.

Point and Shoot Camera:

Every inspection process is incomplete without an adjuster taking pictures and videos of the damage that is being inspected. Here is our pick for one of the most promising point and shoot cameras. Make sure you couple it with a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card.

Equipment Belt:

An equipment belt is a very important thing to keep all your tools in one place. It is especially necessary when you’re inspecting roofs or other dangerous places and need tools to carry with you. Here you’ll find a range of equipment belts to choose from.


A laptop is an essential tool that will help you with all your scheduling and inspection-related paperwork. Not to forget that you need a device to run JustEZ on when you’re out there, inspecting. Make sure you buy a good laptop like this which runs applications smoothly.

Steering Wheel Desk:

A steering wheel desk is extremely important, especially for those adjusters who spend a lot of time out on the road. Having a steering wheel desk would help you work out right from your vehicle and save tons of time. Get one from here.

Roofing Shoes:

They say an adjuster is incomplete without a good set of roofing shoes. Cougar Paws has been a dear companion to claims adjusters since 1996. Make sure to check out their new line of boots.

Laser Distance Measure:

A laser distance measure works out much better than a traditional tape measure since it reduces the hassle of stretching out the tape every time you have to measure something. Get a Leica laser distance meter that offers quality and accurate measurements.

Get all this gear from the links given in the article and prepare yourself for the greatest claims adjusting experience of your life!