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What Can Adjusters Do to Prevent Getting Infected From Coronavirus

A guide for Coronavirus-free claims adjusting process

Second Wave of the Pandemic

A second wave of the pandemic seems to be on the rise as multiple states in the U.S witness a surge in new coronavirus cases. Most of the states had started reopening public spaces in order to get back to normal but according to the latest developments, every state in the USA is pausing plans to reopen.

As multiple states roll back the decision to reopen public spaces, the Atlantic hurricane season is going to be in full swing as experts predict an above-normal season with 13 to 19 named storms. With a season like this amidst a resurging pandemic, what are the best practices for claims adjusters to ensure maximum safety from coronavirus as they take on daily as well as large loss claims?

Best Safety Practices for Claims Adjusters

Given the situation that is present before people in the wake of the pandemic, claims adjusters should take necessary precautions to create a safe working environment for themselves. These include certain safety practices like:

Wearing gloves and masks during site visits:

Independent claims adjusters have to move around a lot in order to visit multiple loss sites throughout the day. Due to the nature of their work, they have regular interactions with multiple people which is basically a direct threat in the current situation. Having protective masks and gloves at all times during the inspection process as well as when interviewing policyholders is a must for claims adjusters.

Not only will this minimize the possibility of getting infected but will also help create better hygiene practices that are absolutely necessary for survival.

Sanitizing your vehicle:

Most independent claims adjusters visit multiple territories in order to handle assignments of various kinds. They are not alone when it comes to facing the possibility of getting infected. The vehicle they own is also at the risk of getting contaminated with the virus. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to sanitize your vehicle after a day’s worth of claims adjusting.

This will help prevent your vehicle from getting contaminated and leading to you or your family members getting infected with the coronavirus.

Opting for virtual assisting:

Another means to minimize the risk of getting infected is to opt for virtual adjuting. You can refer to this article in order to see whether virtual assist is something that works for you. This particular format of claims adjusting is more aligned with desk adjusters but given the current situation, virtual adjusting can turn out to be a sound alternative in order to stay safe from COVID-19.

Virtual assist is open for people who don’t have an adjusting license or certifications to work as a claims adjuster so the possibility of finding work for new adjusters is great. That being said, the only type of claims that are available via virtual assist are wind/hail related claims as of now.


Following these practices will change the way claims adjusters operate in the long run. However, these safety practices are essential for minimizing risks for both adjusters and policyholders and creating a safe work environment for claims adjusters. With the exponential rise in cases all across the USA, it is difficult to assess how severe the condition will be over the course of the rest of the year. Until then, these practices and good work and safety ethics will help curb the spread of the virus.