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Verdict On the 2019 Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season usually starts from June onwards and lasts until the end of November. In this entire period, several tropical disturbances emerge which can prove to be devastating if they manage to make a landfall. As we have seen in the past, numerous hurricanes like Katrina in 2005 and Maria in 2017 have led to large scale destruction in multiple locations.

The 2019 hurricane season was no different. Reports suggested it as the fourth consecutive year for above-average activity with as many as 17 storms being named in the entire course of the season. And to top it all off, it hasn’t ended yet.

With November already underway, this year’s hurricane season is expected to last till the 30th of November. The Atlantic season does seem to show signs of winding down but given this period’s history, it could very well prove to be another active month in this hurricane season.

The month of October proved to be quite active as it produced Hurricane Pablo as well as tropical storms Melissa, Nestor, and Olga. Even though these activities disturbances did not prove to be as devastating as Hurricane Dorian- which spearheaded this year’s storm season- they definitely proved that the season isn’t coming to a close anytime soon.