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The Power of Networking and Building Better Relationships as a Claims Adjuster

Insurance is a people business which requires a people-oriented strategy and good communication skills in order to stay in business. Comprising of a diverse group of risk professionals, the insurance industry can become a career asset for claims adjusters if they leverage upon the power that networking brings along with it.

As a mediator between policyholders and insurance carriers, you work alongside a range of people and having the ability to build and maintain strong relationships across the professional floor. Not only these connections will help you boost your career but having a strong network also helps in times of need when situations become dire. When you encounter challenges or problems on your job or in your career, the people you know can be an incredibly effective resource for tackling any situation.

Being a claims adjuster means being out on the road for weeks on end for handling assignments and interacting with a lot of people. You might face a lot of hurdles that can range from being stranded on the road due to car failure to failed negotiations with the contractor involved in the assignment you are handling. For this diverse range of problems, it is only people that can help you find out ways to salvage situations.

You might think being an independent claims adjuster is like being a lone ranger but nothing can be further from the truth. Having a powerful network may allow you to ‘open doors’ in your day to day work that you could not have been able to open otherwise on your own. While your experience and the number of hours you put in as a claims adjuster are crucial parameters that define the scope and amount of work you receive, it will only take you so far in your career. This is because people with whom you have a chance to work with might forget the degree or certifications you have but what they will not forget is the connection you fostered with them. Developing your networking skills and learning how to proactively work a room to meet people and leave a positive impression will help you go a long way in your career.

Another important aspect of networking that helps you is that it makes you a very resourceful person. When it comes to aspects of handling an inspection assignment, you don’t solely have to rely on yourself to get the job done, when it comes to procuring information about items in your estimation report or finding out the local labor rates, having a network may get you these details faster and in a more efficient manner.

Networking, however, is a two-way street, and it involves you being out there for your peers as well. It is a good practice to reach out to them on occasion. This could mean a quick phone call to catch up on things and to wish them during the holiday season. These practices shouldn’t be superficial and must come naturally. From time to time, your contacts will also reach out to you for help and advice. Take out time to listen to them and give them suggestions and helping them as much as you can without asking for anything in return in order to solidify the relationship you have.

Inculcating these networking practices will not only do wonders for your career but you are likely to develop some close personal relationships with some people in your network and that can be the most rewarding aspect of it all.