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Hurricane Season Not Over Yet: Forecasters Claim

A look at some residual tropical disturbances looming ahead this hurricane season.

With a major part of the hurricane season over, forecasters look at some of the disturbances still present in the Atlantic. National Hurricane Center’s attention drew towards two such areas in the Atlantic which show cause for concern.

An area in the mid-Atlantic between the Azores and Bermuda shows signs of a non-tropical low-pressure system with the potential to develop into a subtropical depression. The chances, according to the National Hurricane Center, lie around 50% over a period of five days.

In the region between Bermuda and the east coast of the United States, over the western North Atlantic ocean, another non-tropical low pressure has the potential to develop into a subtropical depression by the end of the week. NHC claims that while there is no major development forecasted for the month of October, careful precautions must be taken in case of an emergency for which the unlikely weather patterns are to be blamed.