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How Lee Handled 20 Claims A Day Using JustEZ

This is the story of Lee, an adjuster whose life changed after he started using JustEZ.

Lee is an independent claims adjuster in Florida. He began his career in the insurance industry soon after graduating. During his early days as a budding adjuster, Lee remembers how taxing it used to be, traveling cross-country every week to handle claims of every shape and size. Not being tied to one single firm was liberating but being independent had its own pitfalls.

Sometimes, Lee would be away from home for a couple of days and other times he would be gone for weeks. The CAT seasons were the worst. Each time a hurricane hit the U.S. coast, Lee would be thrown into a myriad of claims in various parts of the country. As a young professional working his way up, Lee took all these challenges head-on. He remembers buying an expensive DSLR camera from his first salary to take better pictures of damages on loss sites, only to lose it in a massive storm a week later during one of his assignments. Nevertheless, Lee never stopped working hard and managed to continue as an independent adjuster while other adjusters in his circle left to pursue something less daunting.

Soon Lee got married and he realized that his demanding profession was starting to come between his family. Often, he would receive assignments asking him to travel to the other corner of the country. During CAT season, he would sometimes get a call in the middle of the night and had to prepare for a trip. Lee’s wife and kids would feel left out and no matter how hard he tried, Lee was unable to devote quality time to his personal life. Lee started feeling lost…

It was 2017 when things changed dramatically for Lee. This was the year when JustEZ was launched. An app that would go on to revolutionize the insurance industry. Lee came across JustEZ in a conference he was attending in Florida. The app claimed to put an end to all the woes of an adjuster. That drew Lee’s attention and he was delighted to find that JustEZ was available for free. He decided to download the app on his smartphone.

At first, Lee couldn’t believe the capabilities of JustEZ. Syncing all the claims he received on his smartphone, creating and scheduling inspections, navigating to loss sites, assisting with inspection by capturing photos and videos, captioning them and cataloging them automatically, as well as publishing scoping reports, this app seemed to do it all!

Lee recalled all the hundreds of hours he had spent on building scoping reports after an inspection. It used to take him a whole day sometimes to finish his reports for one single day’s inspections but this app seemed to do it almost instantaneously. And to top it all off, JustEZ offered the option to send all these reports to his carriers from within the app.

Lee’s life took a whole new turn. Being a seasoned veteran, he would usually close 8 to 10 claims in a day. But after using JustEZ for about a month, Lee’s numbers started increasing. Pretty soon, he was closing 20 claims a day! You read that right. 20 claims in a single day! Lee himself couldn’t believe it, but JustEZ made it all happen for him.

With such enhanced automation capabilities, Lee didn’t have to spend mind-numbing hours going through inspection notes and photos from the loss sites to create reports. JustEZ was doing everything for him. Lee now had all the time in the world for his family. His wife and kids were happier than they had ever been. Now, Lee never missed a single soccer practice session with his son.

With the high volume of claims coming his way, Lee was able to earn significantly larger commissions. With his new income, Lee was able to secure his family’s future and ensure they lead a happy life together.

Just like Lee, you too can secure yours and your family’s future and grab the opportunity to be a top adjuster. So what are you waiting for? Download JustEZ now!