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Best Training Books and Manuals For Claims Adjusters

OJT Catastrophe Training Manual:

The OJT Catastrophe Training Manual is the brainchild of a bunch of adjusters and contractors who created this comprehensive information guide for licensed property adjusters in their first five years of storm work experience. Comprising of information ranging from storm tools, policy coverage, guides covering how to inspect sites thoroughly, building excellent scoping reports, understanding the use of software like Xactimate, as well as finding deployment opportunities, this manual covers it all.

Being A Claims Adjuster: The Basics

Being A Claims Adjuster: The Basics is a book written by Mark Lebovitz that focuses primarily on individuals who have just started out in the claims adjusting world. An excellent guide for preparing new adjusters for the field, this book serves as an introductory path to all the different kinds of claims adjusting from auto, property, bodily injury and damage.

Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified:

This book contains a vast number of property and casualty concepts, explained in a highly detailed manner. A must-have for all professionals in the insurance industry, this book will help adjusters in familiarizing themselves with all the industry jargon and enable them to better appreciate the entire process of claims management.

These books will surely make a huge impact on a claims adjuster’s career and provide them with the knowledge that is otherwise left to be “discovered” on the field. Make sure to invest in these books to boost your career and enhance your knowledge about the industry.