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Best Estimation Software For Auto Insurance Claims

Estimation is an important part of an adjuster’s job. Inspecting damages, whether it’s property or auto insurance claims can prove to be complicated and taxing. However, with the recent development of a variety of digital tools, estimation has become more streamlined with the entire claims management process. Let’s have a look at some of the best estimation software for auto claims in the market right now.

CCC Estimating:

CCC Estimating is proving to be a powerful auto estimation software. Providing a comprehensive list of car parts that go along with the established insurer guidelines, it eliminates the manual process of searching and documenting the availability and price of these parts. Using this inventory helps adjustors in coming up with accurate quotes and seamlessly integrate it with their scoping reports. Their application, CCC Touch for Windows and CCC Mobile for Android and iOS devices, helps in documenting damages by clicking pictures of the vehicles in question. This simplifies the entire estimation process by collaborating different tasks in one space.

Web-Est Collision Estimating Software:

Web-Est is another powerful auto estimation software that has a lot of inbuilt features designed to help users in estimating repair costs, compare the pricing of various parts with the help of a large database, as well as unlimited imaging option for clicking pictures of the damage and storing them in their devices. Their newly launched mobile application called Pro Estimator flaunts offline functionality as well so that even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can still come up with estimation for your damaged vehicle.

Mitchell Cloud Estimating:

Boasting of cloud technology, Mitchell Estimating provides universal access to all the features that it offers. This software not only helps you in estimation but also comes with a variety of tools such as Integrated Repair Procedure which simplifies the repairing process by providing data needed for repair which is streamlined with the calculated estimation. Its comprehensive database helps users get access to parts, pricing as well as labor costs for repair, all in one place. Additionally, Mitchell Estimating also provides pre-configured vehicle-specific estimates for those who are new to the field of estimation. All-in-all, Mitchell Cloud Estimating software is a comprehensive and powerful tool, giving a lot of competition to its rivals in the market.

Claim Genius:

Claim Genius uses enhanced analytics and big data capabilities to provide AI-based claims solutions for the auto insurance industry. Their top-notch image analysis and predictive analysis tools help adjusters to create instantaneous damage estimates. Featuring a nifty mobile application, all adjusters need to do is upload accident photos and let Claim Genius do its magic. With Claim Genius, claim expenses have reduced by 50% and efficiency has increased manifold.

With the development of software like the ones listed above, it can be said that in time, there is going to be a surge of products catering towards auto insurance claims and repair estimations.