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Best Apps For Adjusters in 2020

Here is a list of some of the best apps that adjusters can use to boost their professional standards and become even more awesome adjusters!

1. Waze Maps

Reaching loss sites will never be an issue with this app. Waze provides excellent navigation for adjusters on the road making it easier for them to reach locations on time. Rather than figuring out the way manually, adjusters can use Waze maps to do the job for them. Find it here

2. Outlook/Gmail

Applications like Microsoft Outlook and Gmail can help adjusters communicate with multiple parties involved in the process of claims adjusting. Whether it’s the insurance carrier or the TPA that assign inspections to them, emailing services provide a platform for seamless communication for all. Find them here and [here](https://gmail.com/

3. Dropbox

Adjusters need to compile a large amount of information from their inspections. Whether it’s photos and videos from the loss site or estimates and scoping reports from an inspection, everything needs to be documented and stored. A secure platform like dropbox can store all valuable information and also allows adjusters to share it with the carriers whenever required. Find it here

4. Insurance Journal App

Insurance Journal is the №1 app for all business news for the property and casualty industry. With its news and magazine sections covering all parts of the USA, adjusters get to read everything related to the insurance industry. This application will surely help its readers stay in touch with latest trends and developments. Find it here

5. JustEZ

Touted to be the ‘last mile app’, for adjusters, JustEZ is one of its kind. From managing inspection assignments, navigating to the loss site, captioning photos with a single tap and publishing scoping reports, JustEZ does it all. It is integrated with navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze maps, along with dropbox -a data storage workspace. Thus, truly being the most comprehensive platform for adjusters for all their needs. Find it here

These are our picks as some of the best apps that adjusters can get their hands on. So what are you waiting for? Download these apps now and avail their features!