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An Adjuster’s Preparation Guide For Hurricanes


A hurricane is a type of storm called a tropical cyclone or a cyclonic storm. It usually originates from the tropics and carries sustains upwards of 73 miles/hour.

Its characteristics include a low-pressure center and numerous thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain. A tropical cyclone forms in the Atlantic Ocean, usually between the months of June and November. It includes the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, the eastern North Pacific Ocean, and, less frequently, the central North Pacific Ocean.

Hurricanes are categorized based on their magnitude according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. In total, there are five categories. With Category 1 and 2 considered as minor tropical storms while Category 3,4 and 5 are considered as major hurricanes.

Essential Tips for CAT Adjusters for the Hurricane

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Ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition- Your vehicle is the most important item during this season. Make sure that all parts of it are functional and there is no kind of repair required. Your vehicle is the place where you will spend most of your time during this dangerous season.


Double-check your resources- Always make sure to carry important resources-pen, notebook, camera, mobile phone- to the inspection site. If you are carrying a laptop with you, make sure it is up-to-date and has ample space to store information.


Always carry a go-bag- Inspecting different locations during the storm season could sometimes mean being away for days on end. You need to make sure that you are carrying an extra set of clothes, canned food and required toiletries with you for the road. Thus, a go-bag will always come in handy.


Be aware of resources- During field visits, you are likely to meet file reviewers and local CAT managers. It is important to build a good rapport with the people you meet during inspections. They’ll help you with composing better reports and writing good estimations for the damages. Having a good relationship with the local management increases your chances of getting more inspection assignments during storm season.