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A Simple Guide To Becoming An Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Adjusters are always high in demand because claims tend to remain steady. They handle insurance claims in cases of loss of property, damages, and even personal injury. A claims adjuster can work independently or in association with an insurance company as a staff adjuster.

Staff adjusters must work within the guidelines of insurance company regulations they are associated with.

On the other hand, independent claims adjusters can work for numerous insurance companies or TPAs.

There are certain requirements that need to be met in order to become an adjuster. Here, we have provided them in detail:

Eligibility Criteria in order to become an Adjuster:

The minimum age of an applicant should be at least 18 years. He/she should ideally have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and a driver’s license. Apart from these qualifications, a person who wishes to become an adjuster must have an extraordinary work ethic, attention to detail when it comes to inspecting and great communication skills. Claims adjusting can be a challenging job but it is equally rewarding. The pay is really good and it certainly feels great to know that one is helping people get back on their feet.

Completing Insurance Claims Adjustment Licensing and Passing the Exam:

Most states require you to take a course and pass a licensing exam in order to become an insurance claims adjuster. The requirements for the licensing depends from state to state. Some states do not deem the exam necessary and one can opt for a course package. However, licensing is mandatory in order to become an insurance claims adjuster. Pre-licensing courses exempt applicants from taking the exam in states like Florida and Texas. A typically 40-hours long course takes about a week to finish. Another important thing is to have a clean record. An applicant must have no criminal records or anything possibly incriminating during background checks.

Gaining Experience:

After qualifying the exam and obtaining one’s license, it is crucial to gain experience which would serve as the foundation to becoming a successful adjuster. Entry-level positions and internships offered by numerous insurance companies provide an insight into the overall process of claims adjustment. Claims adjusters must carry the knowledge of how claim quotes function, legal aspects of the insurance industry, as well as great negotiation skills to be able to support claim estimation figures.

Maintaining your license:

A continuous updating and maintenance of license are deemed necessary in order to be successful as an adjuster in the insurance industry. A claims adjuster can obtain required credits by taking online certification courses as well as attending adjusting conferences and training. These not only help in maintaining an adjuster’s license but also allow adjusters to stay abreast of the latest developments and be aware of the ethics of the insurance industry. Joining a professional organization like the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA) can be a great way to boost your career as an adjuster. Such organizations offer its members opportunities for continuing education, attending conferences and increasing knowledge about work ethic in the industry.

Becoming an adjuster seems like a tough road to follow but in reality, following these steps and being dedicated enough will enable you to build a great career as an independent claims adjuster.