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5 Must-Have Skills In Your Claims Adjuster Resume

As an independent claims adjuster, you need to make the most of your profession by staying on top of every opportunity that comes your way. During the off-season when there are no catastrophic prospects, having an impressive CV will enable you to get a job at some of the best IA firms in your area.

Here are the top 5 skills your resume needs to reflect in order for you to stand out of the crowd:

1. Communication Skills:

Being a people’s person and having effective communication skills is essential. The ability to empathize with distressed people and deal with difficult situations is the way to go for an adjuster. Your resume should reflect your professional attitude and your customer-centric experience.

2. Architectural Knowledge:

As a CAT adjuster, you need to possess the knowledge of different structures and property types to perform better inspection and estimation. Your resume should reflect any kind of experience that includes building or repairing houses. If you have knowledge of construction technology, adding that to your resume would boost it as well.

3. IT Skills:

In today’s world of adjusting a lot of processes are getting digitized and as an adjuster, you need to know your way around a computer as well as software like JustEZ and Xactimate for your inspection and estimation work. Reflecting your experience with using such software and being tech-oriented will work wonders for you.

4. Industry knowledge:

As a person working in the insurance industry, understanding insurance policies and knowing how to assess the terms and conditions included in it will help you become better at your job. Showcasing your knowledge or the required terminologies and having prior experience in the same will boost your resume.

5. Efficiency and Time Management:

If you have experience of working with a tight schedule and managing multiple tasks at one go, you should include it in your resume. Being efficient and able to prioritize important tasks is a skill that IA firms are drawn to. Make sure you highlight these skills if you have them.

Including these 5 essential skills will take your resume to a whole new level. Make sure that you combine it with a confident approach when meeting firms for interviews.