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5 Helpful Tips For Getting Through A Hurricane In Florida

Are you someone who is planning to move to Florida? Or are you a newcomer in the Tampa Bay Area who doesn’t have a clue when it comes to preparing for the infamous hurricane season? You might be familiar with the basics of storm preparation but it isn’t enough if you plan on becoming a permanent Floridian.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to tackle the ordeal:

1. Forming A Plan:

As a resident of Florida, it is necessary to create an evacuation plan in case of an emergency. The Bay areas are always on the lookout for potential hurricanes and if you’re someone who lives in close proximity to the coast, you should be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice, if required. The best way to go about this is by planning ahead. Keeping an inventory of things you can safeguard and carry with you is another step that is important. Your plan should also involve being aware of safe routes for navigating out of the hurricane towards safety. If you have a vehicle, make sure it is hurricane-ready and can help you during evacuation.

2. Preparing Your Residence:

Investing in better material if you are building your residence or installing certain safety measures for your windows by adding window coverings, securing your ceilings, as well as doors can prove to be extremely helpful against a hurricane. Given the severity of the damage, it is wise to prepare your home for the worst. In case you have a garden with trees, you should trim them ahead of the hurricane season in order to minimize the damage. Additionally, all exterior structures like a shed or a garage should be secured as well.

3. Putting Together a Survival Kit:

Preparing a survival kit is another way to prepare for the hurricane season. A survival kit will not only help you with sustaining life in case you are trapped but will also help you understand what can be counted as essential and what can be left behind. Some of the most important things to include in a survival kit are:

A battery-powered radio for weather updates. Medical kit Non-Perishable food Cash and lots of change A list of important contacts All important documents and IDs Flashlight and extra batteries Sleeping Bags and extra sets of clothes Important utilities

4. Forming a Communication Plan:

Living in an environment that is prone to severe hurricanes makes it very likely for you to be in a situation where you are cut off from everyone around you. As telephone lines and other communication systems are disrupted, having alternative communication systems to contact family and other important people becomes necessary. Investing in radio communication devices like the Ham Radio can prove to be helpful when there is no other way to reach your loved ones.

5. Checking Your Insurance Policy:

It is necessary to buy insurance if you are a resident of Florida but what is also important is to go through the coverages that your policy offers. Apart from the standard insurance against your housing structure, look for additional inclusions in the coverage. Apart from this, make sure to check your policy limit and the cost that is involved to rebuild your home. Insurance policies in Florida have separate deductibles for hurricane and windstorm damage. Always be aware of what your policy includes and what it does not so that you can make better decisions when it comes to rebuilding your home.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you stay ahead of the hurricane season and prepare you for the worst.