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25 Killed As a Tornado Rips Through Tennessee, Nashville

The state of Tennessee is left in great disbelief and shock after a massive tornado struck the state capital, Nashville, hurling across central Tennessee, killing 25 people and wrecking hundreds of buildings as it hurtled across in the early hours of Tuesday, 3rd March.

State residents believe it to be the worst tornado they have experienced in the last 7 years. A state emergency was soon declared and the National Guard was assigned to assist with the search and rescue operation. The national weather survey teams indicated that the damage in Nashville and areas close to the capital suffered an EF-3 intensity tornado.

The overall wreckage consists of blown-out walls and roofs, largely disruptive power lines and trees. A lot of homes have been uprooted from their foundation and strewn miles across the Putnam county. In total, the damage stretches far beyond Nashville and across several counties. The overall area of impact is calculated to be an entire 145-mile stretch, according to officials from the National Weather Service.

As of now, Metro Nashville Public schools are closed due to tornado damage throughout the city. The government is doing its best to assist the victims and help them reshape their lives.

In times like these, it is crucial to be safe and maintain certain safety standards to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here is a list of safety practices you can follow:

1. Be Prepared:

Have a plan in case an emergency strikes. Keeping a go-to-bag with all the required essentials with you. This would also include an emergency kit(water non-perishable food and medication). Be sure to educate everyone in your family what a tornado is and what warning signs look like.

2. Stay aware of your surroundings:

Pay close attention to the changing weather conditions in your area. Speak to your neighbors and make sure you have a well-connected communication system in place. Look out for the color of the sky and if it contains dark shades, it is dangerous to venture out.

3. Keep a lookout for shelters:

During tornadoes, falling and flying debris can cause a huge amount of destruction. It is extremely fatal to go out when there is a tornado looming around. While no place is safe during a tornado, some locations do provide comparatively better protection against the calamity.

Areas such as basements and inside rooms without windows offer better protection. Staying away from windows and from rooms with a lot of equipment. Staying under sturdy materials in case of a lack of a basement is also a good option.

Keeping these pointers in mind during a tornado will help you survive and offer support to individuals.