How JustEZ helps you do more

JustEZ has many features that helps adjusters in their field inspection process. You get everything that is required to come up with final estimations. Check out our comprehensive list of all features that make adjusters more efficient.

Sync ClaimsSync Claims

Sync claims and appointments to your smartphones or tablets in one tap.

Support for Claim management systems

JustEZ supports claim management system such as ClaimColony and XactAnalysis. Now, sync up claim statuses/notes from these systems to app directly, and get started with field inspection.

Integration with cloud storage program

Effortlessly create inspections, sync media to cloud with our integration with Dropbox. It not only ensures that your data is safe but also make it accessible for you from anywhere in the world.

Create claims using any email client

Simplify the process of managing inspections by sending/forwarding emails to create claims. You can either use regular email or appointment email from any of email client services such as Outlook, Gmail etc.

Schedule AppointmentsSchedule Appointments

Schedule appointments with your customers while not conflicting with your personal agenda.

Schedule Appointments

Proactive scheduling

JustEZ allows you to schedule an appointment in a proactive manner. It understands your work style and suggests every assignment with priorities. This way, the field inspection process becomes more efficient and with less administrative headache.

Plan inspection schedules

JustEZ knows about your daily roster and can tell how far away each inspection is. Thus, it helps in better planning of inspection schedules.

Sync CalendarsSync Calendars

Sync your phone calendar and let the app remind you of your scheduled inspections.

Sync Calendars

Sync to your phone calendar

Synchronize calendar to see inspections on your phone calendar. It brings down everything at a central place, making it easy for you to plan and schedule your work.

Get reminders for scheduled inspection

Start receiving reminders for all scheduled inspections and never let important appointments slip from your mind.

Work OfflineWork Offline

Work on all inspection activities such as taking photos and captioning them, answering checklist etc. without network connectivity.

Work Offline

Build a reliable and secure environment

JustEZ works in offline mode too. You can work on inspections in the same way as it works with internet connectivity. Thus, making it more reliable and secure for our users.

Better experience when connection is slow

You can work on inspections even when the connection is slow, flickering or not working. All your actions will sync to cloud as soon as you connect to the internet again. This way, you get a better experience of working on inspections.

Take Photos & VideosTake Photos & Videos

We know adjusters hate to use your expensive smartphone to take photos during field inspection. Now take photos, videos from your very own camera and import them to app without any hassle.

Take Photos & Videos

Support for Flashair wifi SD cards

Our integration with Flashair wifi SD cards enables a private connection between the app and camera. Now, there is no need to transfer media manually, as it gets synced to inspection itself.

Import photos from camera

Easily import photos from cameras such as Sony, Olympus and Nikon.

Add annotations for better documentation

Draw lines or use different shapes to highlight any specific area in images and add comments to it. This way, you can clearly and accurately identify the damages in images. Thus, there are more reliable field inspection reports.

Scan DocumentsScan Documents

Scan invoices, payment bills to add to your inspection reports without any fear of losing the copy.

Scan Documents

Easily make a copy of documents and save on cloud

JustEZ lets you scan documents/receipts of any emergency work carried out at loss site. It creates a copy of that document and saves it on cloud; making it easy for you to access.


Keep a checklist and answer them during the inspection, so you won’t leave a thing.


Save time with predefined checklist

JustEZ offers a predefined checklist which not only saves time of adjusters during field inspection but also ensures you never miss asking any important information from an insured.

Get things done faster as you never have to recall them

With a checklist in your hand, you never to recall on what you have to do. So, you do things faster and with more accuracy.

Caption PhotosCaption Photos

Use our AI-based photo captioning technology. It takes 3 minutes to caption 80+ photos from tablet.

Caption Photos

Save time by narrating captions

JustEZ has in-built voice recognition, gives you the option to add overview to images by narrating it. This is the most faster way to add captions as your speech becomes text to the overview of image.

Choose a title from title suggestions

We use AI based photo captioning technology. It shows you title suggestions based on the objects shown in image. You can choose a title from suggestion and title images quickly and aptly.

Add overview with smart sentence suggestions

JustEZ makes it way simpler to add overview to images. It provides you sentence suggestions based on the loss description. You can pick suggestions and add overview to images more promptly.

Smart image groupingSmart Image Grouping

Add a title to the group of images altogether.

Caption Photos

Save time by adding a title to the group of images

JustEZ smart titling does grouping of all images by identifying the objects in them. You can accept the title name for adding titles to any group of images.

Change the title of images under groups

You can easily change the title of any image/images from the list of previously added titles. It will change the image title and its group name.

Cloud StorageCloud Storage

Store all your photos and documents in cloud for easy access.

Access stored data from anywhere in few clicks

JustEZ integrates with Dropbox; a cloud storage program. All media, scoping reports gets synced to it and making it accessible for you from anywhere in the world. This is also the most secure way of storing data.

Route PlanningRoute Planning

Plan your driving according to your schedule.

Route Planning

Pick the best route for you

JustEZ lets you schedule appointments by picking the best route. You can sort it by time and distance and accordingly, plan on your visits to loss site.

Reduce travel time and serve more customers

Using route planning feature, you can plan driving according to your schedule. It reduces your travel time and with that saved time, you can serve more customers.

Build Scoping ReportsBuild Scoping Reports

JustEZ is a great tool for building final scoping reports.

Build Scoping Reports

Save time in creating reports

Caption photos, answer the checklist and you are done with the scoping reports. You save a lot of your time as reports get generated itself in JustEZ as you complete the inspection.

Publish reports on the go

You can publish scoping reports or share it with examinar while you drive to the next inspection.