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A Guide to Replacing Your Pool Screen

Today, we will look at how to replace a damaged pool screen at your home. The process of replacing a pool screen is not too complicated and with the right set of tools and materials, you can easily replace your pool screen. In this guide, we’ll cover the tools required for the job, the process, as well as the costs involved.

Tools required:

  1. Pool Screen Roller
  2. Screen Roller
  3. Large Needle Nose Pliers
  4. Pool Screen Thread Lining
  5. Precision Utility Knife

Step 1:

The first step involves assessing the extent of the damage that your pool screen has endured. When you locate the damage, use that particular area as the starting point of removing the entire screen from the frame.

Step 2:

In order to begin removing the screen, use needle-nose pliers to pry the rubber screen thread from the pool cage crease. Gently start pulling down on the screen as you remove the thread.

Step 3:

Once the screen is completely removed, check for any pieces leftover thread still stuck on the creases and remove them. The frame will be now ready to be mounted with the new screen.

Step 4:

The next step is to measure the area of the frame in order to determine the length and height of the new screen that will be used. After measuring the dimensions, cut out the needed amount of screen from the new roll.

Step 5:

Put the screen on top of the frame and use the pool screen roller to secure the screen by pressing the thread across the screen. Make sure to cut any excess thread using a scissor. Make sure that the thread, as well as the screen, is tightly secured.

Step 6:

In the last step, just use the knife to cut any extra screen that is overhanging from the frame. Double-check that everything is nicely in place and you will find yourself with a perfect pool screen replacement job!

Replacement Costs:

On average, the cost for a pool screen replacement job sits around $855 which includes both the cost of materials as well as labor. The typical range within which the amount falls is $282 to $1429

If you are considering getting a whole pool enclosure rescreening, the cost is calculated on the basis of per square foot. On average, this cost amounts to $8 per square foot. A 600-square-foot pool enclosure would cost a homeowner between $4000 to $5000 with another $50 to $60 for additional parts if required.

This concludes our guide on pool screen replacement and the costs it would involve.