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Top Skills to Learn During COVID 19 Lockdown

Here we have a look at some of the most sought after skills that you can master this lockdown.

The world has come to a complete halt due to the implications of COVID 19 and as countries across the globe struggle to stabilize things, they have undertaken maximum efforts to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Severe lockdown and social distancing are observable in almost all parts of the world. Countless people are losing their jobs due to the economic implications of the virus. At a time like this, the only way to survive seems to be upskilling and as the lockdown extends indefinitely, this is one of those very rare moments in life when you can devote yourself towards learning skills that will enhance your productivity and make you more valuable.

Let’s have a look at some of the topmost skills that can be learned this during this lockdown period:

A new language:

While AI and NLPs are trying their best to figure out ways to make communication across cultures efficient, humans still trump machines when it comes to communication and making sense of things. Apart from social communication and the ability to interact across cultures, learning a new language is an extremely valuable skill as it also helps in developing the cognitive functions of our brain. Learning a new language also helps us in grasping unfamiliar concepts ideas.


In today’s technologically determined world, the ability to create applications and construct digital spaces is a very valuable skill to have. From data architecture to development to cyber-security, every niche that the tech space has to offer involves being able to code. Learning programming languages is not an exclusive skill for people associated with the I.T world anymore and many online platforms provide tools to help you learn coding from scratch.

Big data analytics:

Whether its a multi-billion dollar corporation or a small business, more and more organizations are recognizing the value of the data they have in their possession. Data is an untapped goldmine that can be leveraged by any business to transform their entire operations. Businesses create inexhaustible amounts of data every day and require professionals who can help them understand the patterns and assets present in it. Making sense of unstructured data and deriving actionable insights using big data analytics is a skill that will be highly valuable for a very long time.

The art of cooking:

Every skill may not become a use case for your career development, some skills are extremely beneficial for survival and adaptability in an unprecedented situation. With a pandemic like COVID 19, this makes more sense than ever. Cooking is not just a valuable skill but an art that needs to be refined and practiced in order to become better at it. Being able to cook helps not only save time and money but also helps one to become more adept in handling different kinds of situations where scarcity of resources may become a problem.

Financial planning:

Personal finance skills are extremely important as they help you handle money, save for retirement, and even establish an emergency fund. However, financial planning is not a skill that everyone has. The ability to know the flow of money and to be able to create budgets for various purposes, to be able to invest wisely in potential opportunities, and to differentiate needs from wants in order to have more financial stability is an important personal skill that should be focused upon. Given the current situation, this skill is more valuable than ever.

These are some of the top skills that can be learned in this quarantine season. We will hopefully come out of the ordeal that the virus has created in some time but having these skills will prove to be beneficial for an entire lifetime as it will prove to turn you into a more productive and efficient person.