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Tips to Stay Productive If Your Employer Has Provided WFH

Working from home has become the norm in most countries around the world as companies tackle the coronavirus situation by maintaining social distancing. A lot of businesses have been severely affected and have had to shut down operations. However, those still in the race are shifting the work dynamics and making their employees work from home as a preventive measure against the global pandemic.

As an employee, working from home, it is an altogether different scenario. One is laden with the same amount of workload but the work environment is replaced with one’s home and that often leads to a laid-back approach to the overall workflow. In times like these, it is important to optimize yourself to maintain a steady approach and not let yourself be unproductive.

Here we provide some of the best tips for staying productive while working from home:

1. Set up a communication channel:

One of the most important things to do is to have a proper communication channel in place. When there is WFH involved, there tends to be a gap in communication since you are physically cut off from your colleagues. The usual workflow is bound to get disrupted. It is thus crucial to set up a channel where communication is efficient and does not hamper with day-to-day tasks. Using applications like Zoom and Slack to manage teams and create communication channels will enable you to be as productive as you would be in office.

2. Create a routine:

When at work, there are certain practices and habits in place. From meeting with your team to discussing daily tasks to taking breaking between work, everything happens with respect to a set routine. When you change the environment into a work from home situation, it is possible that the routine will become haphazard. Therefore, in order to be productive at home, you need to create a routine for yourself. Following a routine will not only help you sustain your workflow but also help you from slacking off when you actually go back to working in an office environment.

3. Create a workspace at home:

While it is up to you to decide where do you want to sit and work, it is always better to have a dedicated working space even at home. Everyone has a favorite spot at home where they go and relax. Similarly, you can set up a particular spot which can be used as a workspace. Clutter can get in the way of productivity and having a dedicated space will help in focusing more on the work and not on your surroundings.

4. Keep your spirits up:

While work is important, your mental health is more important and oftentimes, working in isolation can affect many people. Therefore, it is important to move around and not get wearied down because of the situation. Communicating regularly with your peers and taking a break from work from time to time and moving around will help you stay energized and disrupt the monotony. Remember productivity comes from a healthy brain and a calm temperament.

With the current situation, it is not known when things will go back to normal and people and businesses would be able to function as before. With the pandemic causing global crises, it is necessary to maintain social distance and help as much as one can to mitigate its effect. Following these steps would help ameliorate the situation while keeping productivity levels high. Stay indoors and stay safe!