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The Secret To Preparing Super Fast Scoping Reports

This time we focus on the complexities of preparing a scoping report and how adjusters can effectively deal with them.

Jeremy is an independent claims adjuster who gets extremely busy during the CAT season. Working on multiple assignments is not unknown to him. Being a seasoned adjuster, he regularly works on at least 7–8 claims a day. During the CAT season, this number reaches double figures. With such a high volume of claims, the amount of paperwork that follows is no joke. Jeremy has to sit for hours buried in data he collected from his inspection in order to create scoping reports.

All the photos that he captures from the loss site along with each and every detail about the damages have to be carefully put down in the report. Gathering this data takes a lot of time and creating scoping reports for multiple assignments takes hours for Jeremy. Jeremy often wonders if there could be a solution for creating scoping reports faster. All the photos he captures and the notes he creates have to be sorted and added to individual claims. Often due to the large number of claims Jeremy works on, the reports tend to have errors due to which Jeremy has to redo the entire report.

Then one day, Jeremy got to know about JustEZ. An app that was helping a lot of adjusters in his circle to handle claims efficiently. Jeremy downloaded the application on his mobile device. He was surprised to find how easy adjusting had become with JustEZ. Every aspect of an inspection assignment was taken care of. What Jeremy loved most about the app was how fast the creation of scoping reports had become. The details of an assignment would automatically be converted into a report. All the details he gathered from the loss site would then be present in the report. Finally, a full-fledged and accurate scoping report would generate itself, ready to be shared with Jeremy’s insurance carriers.

Because of the ease with which JustEZ was publishing scoping reports, Jeremy was able to save a lot of time which would otherwise go into creating reports manually. JustEZ had automated a major part of Jeremy’s inspection process and this helped him to work on more claims. Now, Jeremy was handling more than 15–20 claims every CAT season. His life had changed completely.

Just like Jeremy, you can change the way you handle claims too! Use JustEZ and revolutionize the way you perform inspections. Find out more about how JustEZ can boost your performance as an adjuster here.