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Hurricane Hotbeds For Adjusters During CAT Season

Hurricanes have known to be one of the most devastating catastrophes known to humanity. The United States of America-among many other places-shares a long history with hurricanes. Let’s have a look at the most hurricane-prone areas in the United States.

The Atlantic and Pacific hurricane seasons which cover the entire period of May till November in a calendar year are the seasons when hurricanes are most common in the United States. Certain areas in the country prove to be hotbeds for multiple claims due to the hurricane season’s impact. As an independent catastrophe adjuster, one should always be on the lookout for claims in these areas.

  1. Florida ranks first among all other states in the US with the most recorded cases of hurricanes with the total tally coming up to 120 hurricanes. Being a coastal state, Florida is prone to a large number of tropical storms and hurricanes each year with its population witnessing largescale property damage amounting to billions. Considered to be a major hotbed for catastrophe claims, adjusters working in Florida can easily work on as many as 20 claims a day during the CAT season.
  2. Texas is second in the list as the next major catastrophic zone in the United States. With a total of 64 tropical activities since 1851, which includes 19 major hurricanes, the state proves to be challenging yet bountiful for CAT adjusters looking for claims.
  3. Next, we have North Carolina, which has a record of 55 tropical activities in total which feature 7 major hurricanes. North Carolina has a sizeable number of catastrophe claims each year with tropical activities contributing to the damages worth millions in the state.
  4. Louisiana is one of the few states in the U.S. that has witnessed a category 5 hurricane. Its total number of tropical activity count reaches 54 which includes 17 major hurricanes. The infamous hurricane Katrina did much of its damage in Louisiana in 2005 when it made landfall in the state.
  5. South Carolina ranks as the fifth most hurricane-prone state on account of 30 tropical storm activities since 1851 with 5 major hurricanes affecting the state and causing immense damage. With Hurricane Irma being the most devastating catastrophe that the state had to face, South Carolina offers a large number of claims for adjusters during the CAT season.

Adjusters looking for claims during the CAT season can focus on these particular states to help rebuild more lives. Given the history of the Atlantic and the Pacific hurricane seasons, these areas reclaim their status as the hottest areas for major catastrophes each year.