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Revolutionizing Route Planning And Navigation With JustEZ

As an adjuster constantly working on claim assignments, navigating to loss sites is a significant part of one’s job. With assignments coming from multiple locations, sometimes even from different parts of the country, it is essential for adjusters to plan their inspections in a way that lets them reach the loss sites in a timely manner and enable them to close assignments with greater efficiency.

Traditionally, adjusters would have a hard time finding the location of all the properties they were supposed to visit for inspections in a day. Traveling around town in search of these places was frustrating and confusing. With 2019 coming to a close, these old approaches are slowly giving way to newer technologies.

One such new approach is taken by JustEZ with its truly awesome integrated navigational capabilities and route planning. With JustEZ, one doesn’t need to type in the property’s address for each new inspection. JustEZ integrates with Google Maps and Waze and offers a one-tap ‘start drive’ feature on each inspection. Additionally, it offers live traffic updates and the best route for reaching the loss site, thus, saving adjusters a lot of time.

In cases of multiple site visits, JustEZ lets the user schedule appointments by creating the best routes. Highly customizable in nature, adjusters can sort their visits by time and distance, according to their preference. This helps in reducing the travel time exponentially.

Applications like JustEZ are groundbreaking in their approach when it comes to taking adjusting to a whole new level. Find out more about its capabilities on its website.