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Is Being An Independent Adjuster Worth It?

Mathew Allen from AdjusterTV shares his perspective on the relevance of being an independent adjuster.

In today’s market, being an independent adjuster is perceived as a job where people get paid tons of money while others see it as a risky avenue with the absence of a stable income

In his Youtube video, Mathew addresses the question by changing it! For the question here is not whether being an independent adjuster is worth it or not, the real question is whether a person is up for the job or not.

Mathew demystifies the work of an independent adjuster by explaining how it is different from other jobs. He goes on to mention things that an independent adjuster doesn’t do.

  1. Independent adjusters do not work around the year. Therefore, the high-income levels that are associated with them are achievable only in a limited time-frame. As Mathew puts it in the video, a 6 to 8-month window is all an independent adjuster has to reach a significantly large amount of income.
  2. Independent adjusters are not salaried employees and therefore aren’t paid by the hour. Their salaries are contingent upon their own ability to handle claims. The more claims they are able to work on, the more commissions they receive. In other words, Efficiency is key.
  3. Work ethic is another essential aspect of being an independent adjuster. Apart from being efficient, one has to be detail-oriented and have a keen sense of finding out all kinds of damage that a property is dealing with. Unnecessary showcasing of damages in reports in order to extract more money will only get an adjuster in trouble. However, this doesn’t mean overlooking damages at a property because that will only result in a deduction in one’s commission.
  4. Being an independent adjuster is truly being independent in all senses. Once an assignment is received, all the other expenses- from traveling to the loss site, paying for gas, accommodation to food- have to be incurred by the independent adjuster. Additionally, an independent adjuster doesn’t get company benefits-health insurance for him and his family- that a regular salaried employee would. Still, in Mathew’s opinion, this is a good thing as it allows an independent adjuster to manage his own finances and not rely upon the carrier on anything.

So the ultimate question is whether one is passionate enough and has the determination to see through it all to reach that high-income level that an independent adjuster can receive. For, if you have it in you, that’s all it takes.

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