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Impact of Coronavirus on Auto Adjusters

In the light of recent events, as coronavirus has become a global pandemic, it is necessary to understand the implications of the virus on businesses. Causing lockdowns in almost all countries, the virus has led to a complete stoppage on operations in all professional sectors.

Professionals whose jobs cannot exactly be virtualized or set-up via remote access have been suffering the most. These include medical professionals, retail workers, people in the construction business, and so on. With social distancing measures in place, it is difficult to find work in an isolated environment.

Independent property and auto adjusters are facing the same issue when it comes to their professional lives. Appraisal companies like SCA are observing a 30% decline in business. Lockdowns in most states across the U.S. have led to a major dip in claim volumes resulting in a lack of assignments for adjusters. Those who are still looking for opportunities have to practice certain sanitation guidelines and maintain social distancing in order to work on inspection assignments.

Many IA firms have implemented virtual practices to allow auto adjusters to perform inspections by focusing on constant verbal communication with the customers as well as documenting all damages through photos and videos so that adjusters can have remote access to inspect the damage.

Another important aspect of this lockdown period is that it provides virtual networking opportunities for adjusters to build and strengthen relationships. Doing this would help them get better opportunities in the future and investing in networking at a time like this will be extremely beneficial.

Moreover, this lockdown period also provides claims adjusters a chance to spend more time with their family which they can cherish when they are on the road for weeks on end in the future. The current situation certainly is scary but it also comes with opportunities to grow not just professionally but also strengthen your personal life as well.