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How To Become A Better Adjuster

Claims adjusting is a lucrative career with lots to offer. In order to become an adjuster, one needs to complete the pre-licensing course pass the licensing exam. But when we talk about excelling in your career, what is the way to go? How do you become one of the best adjusters out there? How do you make every IA firm want to work with you? Let’s find out:

Effective Communication:

One of the most important things to become better at your job as a claims adjuster is to be a people’s person. Communicate effectively and empathize with the people suffering from loss. During your inspection, while focusing on assessing damages, also take out time to listen to the people involved.

While interviewing claimants for the damages they have suffered is part of the job, understanding a policyholder’s pain and asking them about their condition and being able to make them feel heard will make you stand out in the industry. Being able to communicate is surely a requirement but let’s be honest, not everyone is naturally a smooth talker. Taking the time and effort to network and interact with people within the industry will help you understand the nuances of adjusting. It will not only help you in improving your communication skills but will also help you become better at your job.

Time Management:

Time Management is another part of your job which will make it or break it for you. As a claims adjuster, you would be getting involved with multiple assignments throughout the day. While most adjusters find it difficult to handle multiple claims in one go, great adjusters prioritize their tasks and give attention to claims accordingly.

Time management is not rocket science and the best adjusters out there do not have extra hours that enable them to close more claims in a day. What they do instead is build a system that works with them to increase their efficiency. Using tools like JustEZ to schedule their inspections saves the time that would otherwise go waste in sorting out each individual claim manually. For inspection, rather than using a ladder to inspect roofs, incorporating aerial imagery to gather accurate pictures of the damages is another way great adjusters operate.


Another part of the inspection process is clicking pictures of the damages inside a property. Taking a couple of pictures and going the extra mile by clicking detailed pictures of the damage from multiple angles will make the difference between an average and a great adjuster. Clicking as many pictures as possible and taking time out to caption and address the damages in detail will not only make your scoping report a rich source of information but will also help during the re-inspection process.

Education Beyond Licenses:

We all know that an adjuster needs to pass the licensing exam and obtain multiple licenses from various states to practice in different parts of the USA. While this is the technical aspect of being able to work as an adjuster, true awesomeness comes from your own efforts. Investing your time and money in attending educational and networking conferences like PLRB and WIND conference will help you become more aware of the insurance industry and its practices. Not only does attending conferences help you in becoming more industry ready, but it also allows you to seize more opportunities as an independent adjuster.

Keeping these points in mind, you are bound to become not just better but one of the best adjusters out there.