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How Online Proctoring Is Transforming Adjuster Licensing

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The importance of getting licensed as an adjuster

Getting licensed as an adjuster is the most crucial aspect of starting your career in the claims adjusting world. While completing your education and picking your specialization as a claims adjuster are important parts of the process, the most important aspect when creating a career in claims adjusting is the licensing exam that budding adjusters take. You can check out the entire process here.

While there are many states that do not require adjusters to get licensed in order to handle claims, you wouldn’t want to be restricted to your own state when it comes to handling assignments as a bulk of a claims adjuster’s work comes from handling assignments across the country. Therefore it is always wise to get your adjusting license even if it requires you to apply for it via a different state. Not only will getting licensed as a claims adjuster open up new territories for you but it will also bolster your resume when you apply for assignment jobs at multiple IA firms.

Building a lucrative career in claims adjusting hinges a lot upon the number of states that you are licensed to handle assignments in. In fact, New York only allows claims adjuster to handle inspections if they have a license to operate in the state. Therefore, getting licensed in multiple states is a wonderful step to take for building a career in claims adjusting. You can read our guides on how to get an insurance adjuster license in Texas, Florida, and New York.

COVID-19 and the obstacles to the licensing process

While a major part of obtaining a claims adjuster license is done online, the license exam is still a crucial aspect that is done by allotting examination centers to individuals who are applying for it. Traditionally, this process did not pose any challenges but with the advent of coronavirus and social distancing norms in place, taking the licensing exam became increasingly difficult for claims adjusters.

One might wonder, in a world as technologically advanced as ours, what was stopping the licensing process to switch to an online examination process that could be taken virtually by anyone. The main obstacle to online examination was the unavailability of proctors to oversee the candidate which is a necessity. Since the proctors need to be a disinterested third party with no familial connection to the candidate, in a virtual setup, the invigilation of individuals undertaking the exam posted as a problem.

The solution

In order to tackle this problem, the process of virtual invigilation or online proctoring was developed. AdjusterPro teamed up with ProctorFree to establish online proctoring where the proctor would essentially invigilate you through your computer via a webcam instead of being there in-person. This development significantly helped in streamlining the licensing process for up-and-coming claims adjusters.

Online proctoring is an effective tool for claims adjusters to undertake licensing exams in the absence of an in-person proctor. The process also helps maintain a fair environment for individuals taking the exams.

We hope that as online proctoring becomes popular, more and more people applying for the adjuster licensing exam can benefit from it.