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Essential Inspection Tools Every Adjuster Should Have

Estimation is the most crucial aspect of adjusting and independent claims adjusters need to be fully prepared and equipped for the job. While estimation relies on numbers and the ability to calculate costs, the foundation of a good estimation report is the ability to inspect the damages accurately and in order to do so, every adjuster should have certain tools to help him achieve the goal.

Adjusters are on the road for days or weeks at a time and this requires them to carry different kinds of tools with them. Besides having a car for traveling across the country for inspection assignments, adjusters need a toolbox to carry all the essentials that are required for the job.

Let’s have a look at these essential tools that go along in making an inspection worth an adjuster’s efforts:

A reliable vehicle:

It is extremely important that an adjuster has a car that is durable and can travel across states without fail. Another aspect of a vehicle’s reliability is its interiors. A good heater and air conditioning along with boot space to carry all the other tools make the journey enjoyable.

A laptop computer and a portable printer and scanner:

Estimation requires you to use applications like Xactimate and JustEZ to prepare scoping reports. Having a laptop helps as it allows you to access these applications. However, groundbreaking work has been done by software like JustEZ which is available on Android and iOS as well.

Since estimation requires a lot of documentation, it is always an advantage to carry a portable printer and scanner in order to exchange crucial documents that are required.

A telescoping ladder:

Roof inspections are made a thousand times easier with the help of a telescoping ladder. Easy-to-use and compact, these ladders can be carried to inspection sites easily and can be stored in the trunk of your vehicle.

A compact digital camera or a smartphone:

A picture is worth a thousand words. And these words are nothing but true in the case of an adjuster. Having a camera helps take pictures of the damages which can be used as evidence in order to make the estimation report more accurate and comprehensive. While one can always use a smartphone camera, it is better to have a dedicated device to click pictures at the loss site. It is also a safer bet since any damage to the camera would not result in loss of pictures because they are stored in the memory card. However, a phone’s internal memory would be harder to access if the phone suffers from damages.

Measuring tape/measuring device:

A measuring tape is always handy when you are calculating the dimensions of a particular property or a room. In today’s time, one can also opt for digital measuring devices. Although costly, they are easier to use and can make the process more efficient.

Roofing shoes:

Roofing shoes are a necessity when inspections are to be handled as they allow adjusters to access roofs and other places that are harder to walk on when you are wearing normal shoes. Roofing shoes are specifically designed for inspection purposes and are the best bet.

Miscellaneous items:

A handy swiss knife, screwdrivers, torch, gloves for heat or cold, and chalk for marking particular areas are important tools that should be carried in order to make the inspection process more efficient and accurate. These tools assist adjusters in getting a better insight into the damages that they are inspecting.

Having these essential tools will lead to a much better and comprehensive inspection process which will ultimately lead to a resourceful and accurate estimation report. Having these tools will make you a better adjuster and someone who can be relied on for further assignments.