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Top 5 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies In Florida In 2020

Florida features as one of the costliest states in the U.S to buy auto insurance for your vehicle. Be it the weather pattern, driving population or even PIP, Florida has always averaged much higher than the average national auto insurance rates. However, despite the high rates, the residents of Florida do have a whole variety of auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies to choose from. In fact, the competition between the companies is so intense that one can find a difference of $1000 dollars on a quote within one city!

We must remember that due to Florida’s nature, it is wiser to buy a comprehensive auto insurance plan that offers a full coverage policy. With the state average going as high as $2219 in the year 2019, let’s have a look at some of the cheapest auto insurance providers in the Sunshine State:

1. State Farm:

With an average comprehensive price of $1,772 p.a. State Farm offers auto insurance at a much lower rate than the state average for drivers with a clean history.


GEICO’s comprehensive auto insurance policy is priced at $2,205 p.a just shy of the state average. However, their high price is worth it if you factor in the exceptional customer service and roadside assistance that they offer.

3. Metlife:

Metlife prices its auto insurance at $2,301 p.a and its personalized policies offer policyholders to customize their plan according to their needs. They also offer rewards and discounts for good driving.

4. Direct Auto:

Direct Auto offers a variety of insurance coverage options to choose from. Keeping the PIP in mind, their auto-insurance rate stands at $2,528 a year. Direct Auto provides easy online access to agents as well as exceptional customer service.

5. Allstate:

Just like its competitors, Allstate offers a host of services and coverage options for its potential policyholders. From Personal Injury Protection to collision and bodily injury, its comprehensive auto insurance policy rate lies at $2,818 in a year.