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Best Property Loss Estimation Software For Adjusters

As an adjuster, estimating is a crucial part of the job, and we have compiled a list of the best software there are.

Estimation, if done manually is a tedious process that is prone to errors on part of the people handling it. In this age of digitization, several applications have come up which are automating the procedure of estimating damages at a property. Have a look at some of the best applications for the job!

1. Virtual Claims Adjuster:

Virtual Claims Adjuster was founded in 1999 and has been keen on providing claims technology to all its clients. Its claims management software provides excellent estimations for property loss and if properly executed, offers high levels of service, resulting in greater efficiency and an even more organized approach for adjusters.Collecting loss information, processing it and analyzing the costs for repairs, Virtual Claims Adjuster does it all! One can visit their website for more information about their products.

2. Simsol Software:

Simsol Software, founded in 1987 specializes in estimations and claims management. Its claims documentation and data management for property claims makes it one of the top choices for adjusters and contractors. Touted as one of the most advanced estimating and adjusting software, adjusters can use the estimation software to quickly publish full-fledged scoping reports in no time. Their unmatched customer support service speaks volumes as well.

3. Geomni Property:

Geomni Property specializes in aerial imagery and mapping. Their AI-based specialized service conducts property inspections on various kinds of properties. Their services can be used to determine the scope of repairs required at a particular loss site. Adjusters can use this tool to come up with accurate estimations in an efficient manner. For more information on how their applications work, one can visit their {website](https://www.geomni.com/).

4. naturalESTIMATION:

naturalESTIMATION by ExpeData is an iOS-based software that serves as an automated solution to come up with intelligent estimation workflows. A favorite among adjusters, naturalESTIMATION offers unsurpassed accuracy and efficiency when it comes to property loss estimations. It allows adjusters to easily collect information from the loss site, convert it into digital data and process it to come up with accurate estimations, almost instantaneously. For more information visit their website.

5. Xactimate:

Xactimate is claimed to be the most powerful property claims estimation solution in the industry. Created by Xactware, this software comprehensively attends to all the needs of an adjuster. From gathering loss information to sketching every aspect of a property and processing all the data to come up with accurate estimations, Xactware features as an invaluable tool for claims management and estimation. Its cloud technology helps sync all the information and store it in one place for easy access. Readily available on multiple platforms, Xactimate is extremely user-friendly and efficient. For more information, visit their website.

6. Mobile Claims:

Mobile Claims by Symbility Inc. could very well be the most versatile software for estimation for adjusters. Making speedier and accurate claim settlement their priority, Mobile Claims uses powerful algorithms to derive accurate estimates for a property. With enhanced features like aerial imagery coupled with virtual diagramming and geospatial visualization, Mobile Claims certainly has an edge when it comes to streamlining the estimation process and making claims settlement a faster process for an adjuster. Available on multiple platforms, you can visit their website for more information.