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Advantages Of Centralized Licensing

In today’s world, claims adjusting has proven to be a lucrative career with opportunities to earn a sizeable income in a very short period; provided that you are willing to go the extra mile. Adjusting has always been a career path that requires one to travel all over the country and given the high volume of claims scattered across different locations, constant traveling and interaction with diverse groups is a well-known part and parcel of an adjuster’s life.

From a bureaucratic perspective, traveling to different locations also means dealing with the rules and regulations of multiple jurisdictions and the infamous need for multiple adjuster licenses that are required. Everyone who wishes to be an adjuster knows the importance of various state licenses that are required to handle claims in different parts of the country. While most adjusters are keen to obtain licenses via reciprocity, there has been a growing interest in centralized licensing which will not only benefit adjusters but the entire insurance industry in major ways. Let’s see how:

1. Centralized Licensing is Cost Efficient:

Right now, having multiple departments at various locations for submitting applications for adjuster license as well as obtaining them, makes it a costly and time-consuming practice. With multiple licensing offices, there is further requirement for various personnel handling all the processes. Having centralized licensing will help eliminate the need for this multiplicity and create a unidirectional approach towards obtaining licenses, thus saving a lot of money.

2. Centralized Licensing is Management-Friendly:

Every adjuster has to invest time towards Continuing Education(CE) in order to stay relevant and updated in his field. With centralized licensing, all the processes from applying for licenses to getting enrolled into courses fall into one place. This makes the lives of adjusters as well as those involved in all the administrative processes, a lot easier.

3. Centralized Licensing Creates Opportunities For Networking:

With centralized licensing, adjusters find it easier to network with other professionals from their field. The very aspect of centralizing all the processes associated with licensing is to not just bring administration together but also to create an environment where professionals in the industry can share their experiences with each other.

All in all, there are many benefits to having centralized licensing, whether it's efficient processing, cheaper administrative functionality or a better space for adjusters to network and update themselves.