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5 Ways In Which JustEZ Is Changing The Game For Adjusters

Whether you’re an up and coming adjuster or a seasoned one, JustEZ is here to revolutionize your life. Let’s have a look at how this groundbreaking app is making such an impact.

Claims Management:

As an adjuster handling a lot of claims and working round the clock during CAT season, it is no surprise if you find yourself surrounded by claims. With such a large volume of claims coming your way, it definitely is no joke to manage each and every one of them efficiently. Well, JustEZ does it all for you in a blink of an eye. Every claim that you receive is stored on your device where you can access them in just a tap. With JustEZ, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all your claims.

Scheduling Appointments:

Scheduling appointments with policyholders is another area that requires quite a lot of planning. Managing your personal time along with scheduling appointments can be quite challenging. With JustEZ, this problem becomes a thing of the past. With just a few taps, you can schedule and unschedule your appointments at your convenience.


Reaching a loss site used to be a chore! As an adjuster, you would have to drive miles and miles, looking for the right address. With JustEZ, navigation is as easy as it gets. The app offers built-in Waze and Google Maps which offer impeccable navigation facilities. You don’t even need to type in the address because JustEZ will automatically build a route to the loss site for you.

Taking Notes And Pictures:

Inspecting a loss site would involve carefully taking down notes for all the damages you find as well as clicking relevant pictures for the same. This also involved climbing roofs for inspection and take photos. With JustEZ, the problem of note-making becomes obsolete. With its AI-based photo captioning technology, JustEZ provides you intelligent captions for all the pictures you click.

Publishing Scoping Reports:

The most important part of an adjuster’s job is to build a scoping report which compiles all the information about a loss site including the extent of damages that the policyholder has suffered. Earlier, this task would involve a huge amount of paperwork which would take adjusters a couple of hours to finish! But can you believe it that JustEZ generates scoping reports automatically? That’s right! JustEZ takes mere seconds to publish a final scoping report which you can share with your insurance carrier, making your job easier than ever!

With such advantages, having JustEZ on your devices is a no-brainer! So don’t wait for even a second and download JustEZ to enjoy its awesome features and become the best adjusters out there!