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5 Best Roof Shoes For Claims Adjusters

Roof inspection is an integral part of adjusting. Each year, hundreds of thousands of property insurance claims involve inspection of roofs to assess the damages that people have suffered. While normal shoes don’t cut it, claims adjusters require special shoes that offer greater support, traction, mobility as well as durability when it comes to climbing roofs. Some important things to consider when you’re buying roof shoes are:

1. Build:

A shoe’s build is an important parameter when it comes to determining its quality and whether it can withstand roofing. Going for all-leather boots is your best bet as the material offers better durability than any other kind of shoes. There is the option of going for synthetic and nylon build shoes which will offer great airflow but it won’t be as durable as leather.

2. Arch Support:

The kind of arch-support a pair of shoes offer makes a huge difference in the level of comfort that you experience. Before buying your new pair of roof shoes, look at the kind of interior that is being offered and the level of padding that the shoes have.

3. Sole:

The sole of your new shoes will largely impact your ability to inspect roofs for damages. The design of your shoes’ sole will directly affect the kind of traction you will have on top of a roof. Make sure to buy shoes with a much stronger and stable grip.


Another important factor is the weight of your shoes. Buying bulky, large boots will give you protection but on the downside, it will lead to extra weight. Considering the factor that you are inspecting roofs, having more weight will increase the risk of an accident. Therefore, make sure that the shoes you buy are not too heavy and don’t make you slow during the process of inspection.

Let’s have a look at some of the best roof shoes that are available today that claims adjusters can buy to make roof inspection more efficient:

  1. Cougar Paws: One of the most premium roofing shoes available in today’s market. These are considered favorites by many.
  2. Wolverine Men's Overpass: Composed of premium waterproof leather with rubber soles, these shoes offer great durability and comfort.
  3. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage: These insulated boots offer premium leather look with a heavy traction sole, best for climbing steel roofs.
  4. Carhartt Men’s: Featuring InSite engineered footbed, the makers of Carhartt Men’s shoes claim a staggering 12000+ foot scan to create unmatched fit. Extremely breathable and durable, these shoes offer the most comfort.
  5. EVER BOOTS "Ultra Dry": Rubber-soled with pullable back loop for easy wear, these shoes are best not just for climbing roofs but for construction work, gardening and hiking as well, making them a truly versatile fit.

These are some of the best roofing shoes available in today’s market. Check them out and see which ones fit your needs the best. Happy adjusting!