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4 Safety Tips For Workers And Customers Against COVID-19

Despite the global lockdown that has taken place, there is still a large proportion of people who are categorized under ‘essential services’ and have to continue to step out and work in order to sustain our society. Doctors, farmers, manufacturers, supply and delivery personnel, repair and installation services, etc. all come under essential services. For people working in such professions, it is not possible to practice self-isolation.

For essential services, it is a challenge both for workers and for its customers to take proper preventive action in order to stay safe from the virus. There are certain measures that can be taken in order to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let’s have a look at some steps:

Choosing the right disinfectant:

EPA published a list of disinfectants used against SARS-CoV-2 which can help against COVID-19 as well. The ideal disinfectant against the virus should meet two criteria. First, it must show efficacy against harder-to-kill pathogens and viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 which is similar in composition to COVID-19, and secondly, they should be effective against emerging viruses as well. This two-factor review will help verify the effectiveness of disinfectants.

Do not mix disinfectants:

A lot of people over the world are practicing the mixing of multiple disinfectants with the flawed logic that it will increase its ability to ward off viruses. Unfortunately, this does not in any way help the situation as mixing disinfectants doesn't improve their performance or make them intrinsically safer. On the contrary, mixing disinfectants can prove to be hazardous and can cause problems on your skin, if applied. In some cases, it can easily combust and cause an accident which can prove to be fatal.

Disinfect electronics and appliances:

While maintaining proper hygiene is essential to battle COVID-19, it is also important to disinfect electronics that are regularly put to use. Using 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes to disinfect highly-used electronics like mobile phones, ATMs, keyboards, remotes will help to prevent you from getting in contact with the virus.

Using proper gloves while disinfecting:

Even though disinfecting is necessary, it is also important to use the proper safety gear while disinfecting is also required. Using nitrile gloves over regular latex or vinyl gloves is a better precaution against coronavirus. These gloves are disposable and offer the best protection against disinfectants.

These practices can drastically reduce the possibility of coming in contact with the virus and will also help in creating a safe workspace. With the help of disinfectants and proper sanitary measures, workers and customers alike can prevent spreading the virus and help flatten the curve.